Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Pimary Six Day of Reckoning

If you have a copy of today's Straits Times (25/10/2005) read the article by Assoc. Professor Teo Chung Piaw on page 23, entitled 'The Primary Six day of reckoning', where she suggests that the matching algorithm used by the NRMP should be adopted by the Singapore Ministry of Education for use in the allocation of seconday schools to primary six students.

This is an excellent idea; the professor is absolutely accurate in her characterization of the current new system as the progenitor of unnecessary stress for primary six students. Indeed, the match algorithm manages to put this stress on the individual schools instead - but they are in a better position to handle it.

I suspect that this will not reduce the necessity for multiple entrance exams, but unless the PSLE itself is massively overhauled, this will be a requirement in any case. Also, given the recent rate of change of MOE policy, changing the policy for next year should not be an issue.

For more information about the matching algorithm used by the NRMP, click here.