Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Seditious Bloggers - The Real Story?

The backstory according to the report is that on June 14, ST Forum Page published a letter asking if "cab companies allowed uncaged pets to be transported in taxis, after she saw a dog standing on a taxi seat next to its owner." The concern is that the animals pay "drool on the seats or dirty them with their paws"--and for most of the Muslims in Singapore (which subscribe to the Syafie school of thought on the issue), they are prohibited by religion "to touch dogs which are wet, which would include a dog's saliva".

Enter the duo Nicholas Lim Yew, 25, and Benjamin Koh Song Huat, 27. The first "allegedly responded [to the Forum Page letter] by twice posting anti-Muslim remarks on an online forum for dog lovers, www.doggiesite.com," allegedly criticising "certain aspects of Islamic law." The latter "was said to have made similar racist comments on his blog, Phoenyx Chronicles, on www.upsaid.com on three occasions."
Interesting. Note that there may be further updates to this post by HuiChieh Loy. If you have a look at the links above (all courtesy of Singapore Angle), it appears that the object and intent of the posts was racist in nature, and as such I think this issue is done; all that really remains is to see what was actually said (no doubt this will be stated in court).

[Source: Singapore Angle (blog), 12/09/2005]