Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Sad State of the "Stupid Dumbass Party" (lets googlebomb them)

Wannabe Lawyer claims that the Singapore Democrats are better known as the Stupid Dumbass Party.
The Stupid Dumbass Party

1. consists of opportunists, lunatics and morons

2. is run by clowns (”Show-me-the-money!” Chee!)

3. have no economists (as evidenced by the extremely cock-up policy suggestions)

[Source: Wannabe Lawyer, 3/5/2005]

Reading his post, I remained unsure. Yes, suprious claims were made, yes, they were made without any substantive proof, yes, they are of such nature that would make any logical being very unsure of voting for them. But singabloodypore fulfills the first two of these and I've never felt it necessary to call him Steven McDumbass. I watch That '70s show, and I feel that "dumbass" and "foot up your ass" are overused.

Then I read this. [via Wannabe Lawyer] Gilbert Koh has had his posts copied by the Stupid Dumbass Party, and says: "mysterious-SDP-person-who-has-been-reading-my-blog-&-copying-from-it, please remove my posts from your website immediately."

Stupid Dumbass Party, stop being so freaking imbeclic. Unless copyright is specifically waived, it applies so everything, and copying posts without consent is also really bad manners. (Fair Use exceptions also probably do not apply.) I hope you get the PAP's foot up your ass, you Stupid Dumbass Party.

Now, this is the interesting bit. I don't know if shianux intended it, but I think that we (bloggers) should demonstrate our power. I think this is best achieved through a googlebomb, the seeds of which have already been planted by shianux. Basically, lets make a google "I'm feeling lucky" search for "Stupid Dumbass Party" return the Singapore Democrat website. The method for achieving this madness is simple: Simply link to whenever you say "Stupid Dumbass Party."

:D :D :D

Perhaps not as much of a classic as "french military victories," but still fun. (for the full effect, open a new browser at; type in "french military victories," and click "I'm feeling lucky.")