Friday, April 29, 2005

"The Singapore Story"

I'm not quite sure I agree with what Mohammed Galadari has written for the Khaleej Times:
Singaporeans have economic freedom, but no political freedom. It has its own style of democracy, with the opposition remaining as name-sake, and one party calling the shots all the time. There's a ban on assembly without permission; and curbs on political speech and action. But Singaporeans are not complaining. The social spirit there is such that the people have time only to work for the country (so much so, birthrates are falling); while the country does the thinking for them; how to make them live in plenty. So far, so good. And, creditably, this is one Asian country where politicians, or top executives, haven't failed the people.
Do you? Galadari seems rather
blasé about the entire issue, which is surprising, assuming he's not Singaporean. Indeed, this reminds me of singabloodypore. I wonder how Galadari did his background work. Write to the Khaleej Times! (and please, do post what you've written in the comments ;) )

I wonder if this is cause for a defamation suit. To help you, the reader, answer this very important question, I link you to the now defunct Singapore Legal Mumbo Jumbo Demystified.

Mohammed Galadari, Khaleej Times, 29/04/2005]