Friday, April 29, 2005

Singapore picks up several Cargonews Awards

I read about this in the Straits Times, which is basically unlinkable because I will never subscribe. (and even if I do, I doubt you, the gentle reader, will have a subscription. There has been some discussion as to the effect of this, look at collision detection and Berkman fellow Ethan Zuckerman. Of course, since "blogging is serious stuff" perhaps now the Straits Times should be scared out of their money-grubbing? wits.)

In any case, the pertinent information is that Singapore has (once again) won lots of awards, this time at the The Asian Freight & Supply Chain Awards 2005. Unfortunately, The Asian Freight & Supply Chain Awards web team is rather less efficient than the awardees presumably are, and hence as I write their "winners" page remains a blank.

Here it is anyhow:

Oh, the pride!