Friday, April 29, 2005

M1 snags RIM contract

This is very surprising, because for the longest time Singtel Mobile has been a Vodafone partner. (in actions, words, and deeds, if not contractually) I wonder what this augers for the future? Note that both Starhub and Singtel already sell Blackberry phones, and Singtel in particular is carrying the 7290 model named in the press release. The 7100v is also very similar to the 7100g which both Singtel and Starhub are carrying. (I -think- it's merely a cosmetic difference)
M1 and Research In Motion have introduced the "BlackBerry from Vodafone" solution for both corporate and individual customers in Singapore.

As a Partner Network of Vodafone, M1 will have the exclusive rights to sell the "BlackBerry from Vodafone" solution to corporate, small business and individual customers in Singapore. M1's offering will include the BlackBerry 7100v and BlackBerry 7290.
[Source: TMCNet, 28/04/2005]